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August 16, 2012
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Indicator Battery by DanRabbit Indicator Battery by DanRabbit
Just a rough of what the Battery indicator might be like in Luna +1.

I'm open to suggestions about what/how it should appear.
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It should appear iPod, iPad, Kindle, Android Smartphones, Tablets, eBooks and that is all, I like this concept. 
FelixAkk Nov 4, 2012
Oooh this is a cool concept. Integrating the battery info of peripherals. This reminds me of this idea I once had to integrate the reception of your phone when using it tethered as your internet source, and showing it as the wireless strength, instead of just using th icon of a ethernet connection. Perhaps something for when there is Android/iOS integration with elementary.

Further I quite agree with the common comments made below.
EricEinar Sep 16, 2012  Student Interface Designer
I think would look more practical with a progress bar in each one :) that will save more space
Ugh those icons...use color more sparingly man. Monochrome.

And I wonder if you should just axe the percent. What people want to know is how much time is left till empty/charged. The percent is pretty meaningless.
Icons? For me these are OK, but it depends on a taste. They are mostly monochrome, with colored elements.

I want to know percents too, because time depends on what I am doing now and what I will be doing. Gaming drains battery a LOT faster than standby.
I dislike the mouse icon too. In light of the recent Samsung/Apple court battle, I think Elementary should stay away from Apple UI elements and icons as much as possible.
I dislike the mouse icon.
Perhaps something more like your Indicator Sound at [link] where you have mono color icons that are more simple as well as the volume bar would be modified for the charge level instead and perhaps the color would turn from gray to red if it's under say 10%?
Looks great Dan! I would say that for consistency's sake you may want to specify the PC in there. I know it may *seem* obvious, and it sorta is, but I'm just thinking from an accuracy point of view.
I like it. It'd be cool to see the battery status of connected devices.

One feature I'd love to see would be smarter battery life estimation. Ever unplug a laptop, then click the battery icon and see that it'll last for nine hours? Then you wait for five minutes and check again, it's 4.5 hours? I know for a fact that my laptop's battery lasts 2.5 hours, and if the indicator would simply remember how long the battery typically lasted, the estimations would stop being so useless.

Also, how about different power modes? Power Saver, Normal, Performance? Power saver might have a lower screen brightness, lower cpu scaling and less idle time before the screen turns off. Normal would be... normal. Performance might have higher cpu scaling. There are a number of power saving and performance increasing options that are usually only accessible via the command line, it'd be nice to have a graphical interface for them.

Then again, this might be feature creep. :shrug:

tl;dr I love it.
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